Community Council


Utah LAND Trust Program & School Community Councils


Every Utah public school has a School Community Council that consists of the principal, school employees and parents. The council is responsible to review and propose changes to academic school plans each year. The School Improvement Plan and School LAND Trust Plan outline the student’s greatest academic needs and include an action plan to address them. The council decides how School LAND Trust funds are to be spent to support implementation the plan.


The dollar amount the school receives from the School LAND Trust Program generally increases each year. Below are the amount Edgemont Elementary received last year and the estimated funds available for this school year:


Edgemont Distribution for 2015-2016:       $46,858

Estimated Distribution in 2016-2017:         $42,998



Community Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2016-2017

Final Report for Edgemont LAND Trust Plan for 2015-2016

Edgemont LAND Trust Plan for 2016-2017

Proposed Meeting Schedule 2016-2017

Community Council Members 2016-2017

Community Council Members 2017-2018

Proposed Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Community Council Meeting-Agendas and Minutes 2017-2018